Fair Weather Hikers, Beware

Fair-Weather (adj): suitable for, or done during fair weather

A fair-weather hiker is someone who only hikes in the best of conditions. At the first chance of rain or the first sign of cold, they’re out. It makes sense–there is value in comfort. I’m not here to shame anyone for wanting to stay in bed instead of walking around in the rain–I get it, my bed is comfortable too!! My question for you is, what does your comfort cost?


Five reasons to give up your bed and get outside…
even when it’s not warm and/or sunny.

  • If you wait for the right weather, you might never go.

    • Unless you’re Killian Jornet (meaning you make a living off of your adventures), you probably work a full time job. That leaves the average person with a few holidays/year and 2 days a week (or less) to get outside. Of those days, at least half will come with a chance of rain or snow and many of them will be in cloudy skies. If you wait for warm days with sunny skies, I bet you make it into the woods a maximum of 5 times a year (and that’s if you really love it). I know–I’ve been that person.
    • You can and should follow the weather reports, but Mother Nature changes her mind…constantly. The meteorologists might call for rain and she’ll give us sunny skies or visa versa. Point is, you just can’t be sure. You might be skipping out for the wrong reasons.
  • Discomfort=Growth

    • When you are put in uncomfortable situations you WILL experience personal growth. When you have made it to the other side of an uncomfortable situation, the fear of discomfort dissipates. Our mind creates fear within us to keep us safe, but consider that you are stronger, smarter and more capable than your mind wants you to think. YOU are holding YOU back.
  • The fog, the rain, the snow, the ice.

    • In December of 2016, I was chatting with my brother about my next weekend trip–I said “nooo, I can’t imagine we’ll go in the snow.” I knew that some people were crazy enough to camp in the snow, I just NEVER assumed I would be one of those people. Six days later…I was hiking up a mountain…in the dark…in 6 inches of snow. We hiked for three days in 4-10 inches of powdery snow and it was incredible.
    • Consider that the things you are trying to avoid are the exact things that will make you want to be out there the most. Each type of weather changes your experience of the trail. The beauty is in the differences.
  • Quieter Trails

    • There IS a social aspect to hiking and camping that draws me in. I love stopping and talking to other hikers, but what I’m not crazy about is a crowded trail. When the weather isn’t perfect, all the fair-weather hikers stay home! Sometimes, I’ll turn to Kyle and say, “think we’ll see anyone today?” He’ll say, “nope…we’re the only dummies out here.” Usually, he’s right. Instead of seeing hundreds of hikers on the way to wherever we’re going, we end up being super pumped to come across some new hiker friends.
  • It’s not as bad as you think.

    • Kyle and I sometimes run up to the Pinnacle and the Pulpit in Hamburg, PA. On one occasion there was 3 inches of snow on the ground and honestly, I wasn’t into it. My running shoes aren’t water proof, and I had this idea in my head about how cold my feet were going to be. I was CONVINCED I would be miserable for the entire run. I’d say 30% of me wanted to go, 45% wanted to say screw it, and 25% felt obligated to keep my word to Kyle (if I didn’t go, he probably wouldn’t go either). So…we went. I spent the first 2 miles miserable and then I had a blast. What a waste of those first two miles.

      You probably have an idea in your mind about what it will be like. You have probably built a scenario in your mind that is keeping you from being out there. Sorry to burst your bubble, but you’re probably wrong. The idea you have created is what is keeping you from getting out there and it’s a false idea. To me, that’s heartbreaking.

Yes, go, but also consider the following:

  1. Be prepared. Don’t go out in the weather without the safety needed to be out there. Be ready for the cold and be ready for the rain.
  2. Give yourself a break. Sometimes, we don’t feel like going out in a torrential downpour, so we don’t. That being said, we don’t let the weather get in our way very often. Push yourself a little! You won’t be disappointed!
  3. Get yourself a hiking buddy! Sometimes the only reason I end up going is because I said I would. If there was no one there to hold me to my word, I would probably stay in bed more often. I don’t like to disappoint Kyle and Kyle doesn’t like to disappoint me. We’ve never regretted a decision to either stay or go.


That’s all for today, folks! Happy Hiking!

Sincerely yours,

The Mitteneers

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  1. Love this blog! I too enjoy hiking in foul weather to me the elements add to the experience and to not only be able to be alive in them but to thrive in them is a challenge I enjoy.

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