My Apologies and My Promise

Dear Readers–

It has become true that my boyfriend Kyle and I are adventure fanatics. Together we go and spend our all of our free time outside.


Sometimes I write as if I am on a solo pursuit for more adventures. I want you all to know that it’s this guy that makes it possible. I would have nothing to share if it weren’t for the passion and persistence of Kyle Rozecki. All he thinks about is how he can help us to have more of what we want. He invests all of his spare money and time figuring out how he can help me to be happier and safer on our adventures.  All I do is accompany him, have the time of my life and come home to write about it.

It’s a gloriously sweet deal.

Until this moment, High Fives for Hikers has been about me. It’s been about how I can make writing my job. It has been about how I can make money. Ridiculous.

Let it be known that the shift has been made. Being someone who spends copious amounts of time outside has completely changed my outlook and my life. Kyle has gifted that to me. And now? Now my promise and purpose is you. If anyone at all gets the impact of the outdoors for themselves, that will be enough.

Sincerely yours,

The Mitteneers

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